Card for a friend?  We’ve got just the thing!

Change the name and age on any card for a friend's big day!

A card for a friend for their special day should be brilliant, and we’ve got a very wide range to choose from.  We go all warm and fuzzy inside when we think of special friends, so we want to give them a card that lets them know how special we think they are.  Personalise a card for a friend on our site and you know we’ll post it pronto so they can have a giggle on their big day!

Choose a card for a friend from our search button or the ideas above.  All friends deserve to be unique and you can make something just for them from our site.  We have thousands of friends (check out our Facebook Fan Page!) so we know just how much they deserve to be adored.  There are cards or all sorts of events to choose from – Birthday cards, Wedding cards, Civil Partnership cards, Anniversary cards, Valentine’s cards, Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards, Thank You cards, any kind of card you could want.  

If you want to make something really unique, you can create a completely DIY card from our homepage.  Upload your photo, add your own message, and there you go!  It’s easy-peasy but if you do need a hand call our nice people on 0845 900 2873 or use our live chat facility, and we’ll help you out in a jiffy!

The wonderful people who brought to life have been publishing funny cards for a very, very long time. They are the leading humour card publisher to many retailers, supermarkets and independent shops. Because our designs are unique to us, you won’t find them available to personalise anywhere else. That’s what makes us unique! So for the funniest cards for friends that are TheDogsDoodahs look no further!

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