Dad's Special Birthday

Dad’s birthday?  You’ve come to the right place!

TheDogsDoodahs is a the tippest-toppest place to a card for Dad's Birthday!

Dad’s birthday is a great opportunity to show how much you love your dear old Dad – or to give him a gentle ribbing if you prefer!  When your Dad’s birthday is a significant one, make the day even more special for him by sending your Dad a personalised birthday card.  TheDogsDoodahs has a wide range to choose from.

To help find the best personalised card for your Dad, we have divided the cards by theme.  Best-selling themes include drinking, sport, pocket money, DIY, etc.  There are even cards you can personalise with a photo of your Dad or photos of you and possibly other members of your family. Add your own caption to make a uniquely personalised Birthday card for your Dad, to make his Big-0 Birthday a special one!  

One of the main humorous themes for Dad Big-0 Birthday cards is of course ageing!  As well as being funny, some of our personalised cards are very, very cheeky and there is no better subject for teasing Dad on his big Birthday than the effects of him getting a little older!  Whether it’s about flabby bellies, double-chins or more wrinkles, you’ll find that most characteristics of getting older are covered!  Please be warned that some of our Dad Big-0 Birthday cards can be a bit rude!  

Order your personalised card by 2pm on a weekday and we will post the item(s) by First Class post the same day!  We hope your Dad has a very happy birthday!  Have fun and enjoy your stay.

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