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Help with using TheDogsDoodahs.com

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This section includes:
Choosing a personalised card or gift
Personalising a card or a gift 
Sending a card or a gift

Choosing a Personalised Card or Gift

Q. How do I find the best card or gift as quickly as possible?
A. The quickest way to find the personalised card or gift you need is to use the search drop down lists on the left hand side of the homepage. You can not only search for cards or gifts but also for a specific occasion and for specific people. So if you wanted to buy a funny Birthday card for your Dad - click ‘card’ from the ‘What is it?’ drop down menu, select ‘Birthday’ from the ‘What’s it for’ drop down menu, select ‘Dad’ from the ‘Who’s it for’ drop down and click ‘Funny’ from the ‘Style’ drop down menu. If you have too many products to review, you can refine your search with more detailed search options and ideas such as the theme of the cards or gifts. Alternatively, if you don’t get as many cards and gifts from your search as you'd like, you can widen your criteria to give you more options.

You can also type your search into the box top right. For example ‘Dad funny Birthday card’ and the same cards will be displayed as above. The search will show any personalised gift or personalised card which matches the words you type in. But it will prioritise the words with the first word being searched for first. Therefore it is best to type in the most specific word first such as ‘Dad’ and not ‘Birthday’. 

Q. Can I save a personalised card or gift for later?
A. This is an option where you can save a partial or completed personalised card or gift to return to later in your session or on another day. You'll need to have an account to be able to 'save and finish later' and you can find your saved cards and gifts in your account in the shortlist section. 

Q. How do I save a personalised cards or personalised gifts into my shortlist?
A. When you add a personalised card and/or gift to a shortlist you will be asked to create a folder name for it – such as ‘Mum’s Birthday’. You can add cards and/or gifts for any number of occasions and people. When you think you’ve found all the best products you can then review your shortlist to make your final decision in your account page and personalise as you normally would before buying. You need to have an account to be able to save a card or gift into your shortlists.  

Q. Why would I save personalised cards or personalised gifts into a shortlist?
A. While you browse through your selection of gifts and/or cards you can add any product you think would be good for a specific occasion by clicking on ‘Add to my shortlist’. You can also add personalised cards and/or gifts to your shortlist for people or occasions in the future, so if you’re looking for a birthday card for your Mum but also find a funny birthday card which would be great for your sister you can add this to a shortlist for a later time. You can have more than one shortlist at anytime and you can name them whatever you want. 

Q. How much do the personalised cards and personalised gifts cost?
A. Each card and gift has ther price displayed and they start from £3.00.

Personalising a Card or Gift
Q. How do I personalise a card or gift?
A. Once you have chosen the card or gift you want to personalise, such as a funny birthday card, click on the ‘personalise this card/gift’ button underneath the larger image. The next page will then let you change certain parts of the text. When you have finished making your changes you need to click ‘Show Me’. Text will not change on the personalised cards or personalised gifts as you type, you need to click ‘Show Me’ to be able to see your masterpiece. You will then see a preview of your card or gift, with your changes on it, as it will be finally produced. If you are not happy with the result try making amends and then clicking ‘Show Me’ again before buying your card and/or gift. You can also try clicking on the 'help' button for more detailed advice on personalisation.
We'll also offer help on our Fan Page http://www.Facebook.com/TheDogsDoodahs
Q. Can I add my own message to the front of the cards?
A. Headlines are at the top of the card and are completely editable. We have given a maximum character count as guidance so you can create the best looking and striking Headlines. However, not all cards have customisable headlines. Copy which can be changed within the text on the card is highlighted in a different colour. Most of our cards have more than one piece of text which can be changed. This allows you to choose, create and personalise the most appropriate cards as possible and to give you that really thoughtful and personal touch.  
Q. Can I add my own message inside the card?
A. Yes, you can add a message, make some parts of it bigger than others, and change the colour and font of your message inside the card as well. Creating a personalised card is very similar to using a word processor.  
Q. Can I add my own text to the gifts?
A. Yes, you add names and/or text to all of the gifts and personalise them.  
Q. Am I responsible for the personalisation of my cards / gifts?
A. Yes. If you upload an image that is not of a good quality or incorrect text, then it will be produced in the same way. You have to check your product carefully for errors at time of personalisation. TheDogsDoodahs will not be held responsible for errors made at time of personalisation. For more information, please see the full terms and conditions.
Q. I can’t upload my photo?
A. Some of our cards and gifts are designed for you to add your own image(s).

Your photo/image needs to be a minimum of 50kb in size, otherwise the finished printed image quality will look poor. It is also recommended that your photo/image should not exceed 4mb, this is mainly because it will take too long to upload.

If you try to upload a photo/image that is lower than 50kb, we will give you a warning that the image may not print very well. Should you choose to ignore this warning, this is your acceptance to continue and we will continue to print the product with your poor quality image. You will be responsible for the personalisation of the card / gift - for more information, please check out the TheDogsDoodahs terms and conditions. Your photo/image needs to be in a JPEG or JPG format to upload to the site. We cannot accept PDF/word documents etc. If you are scanning images in, it is advised that you scan them in at 300DPI.

If you continue to have problems uploading a photo/image, please email us your photo/image and call our customer service team on 0845 900 2873 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) and we will discuss what we can do to help. Else check our Facebook page and there should be someone helpful there too!  
Sending a Card or Gift
Q. Can I send my personalised card or personalised gift to someone other than myself?
A. Yes, you can send personalised cards and personalised gifts direct to the recipient and multiple items within a single orders can be sent to multiple addresses as well. 

Q. Can I arrange for personalised cards and personalised gifts to be dispatched on specific dates?
A. Yes. Please select the date you wish to send your gift and card within the ordering process. Please note the date you select is the date we post the personalised gift or card, not the date it arrives. 

Q. Can I get a blank envelope with my card?
A. Yes, if you request the card to be sent back to you, the card will arrive with a blank envelope for you to use. 
Q. When will my order be sent?
A. If your order is placed before 2pm on any weekday (not Bank Holidays) you order will be printed and posted that same day. If your order is placed after 2pm your order will be printed and posted the next working day. 

Q. UK postage information.
A. All personalised cards and personalised gifts that you purchase are sent by First Class Mail via the Royal Mail. However, to help ensure delivery within a set time you can select to send both personalised cards and gifts Special Delivery. Special Delivery guarantees delivery the next working day (so not a Saturday) before 1pm*. The Royal Mail’s advice is that you allow 3 working days for First Class mail delivery. However, they currently aim to deliver over 90% of First Class Mail the next day. The Royal Mail covers the whole of the UK.

* There must be somebody in to sign for the delivery, otherwise the postie will not leave it! 
Q. Can I send personalised cards and personalised gifts abroad?
A. Yes you can send both cards and gifts overseas. However, Flowers, Balloons and Gift Cards can only be delivered to an address in mainland UK.
Q. What are the details about overseas postage?
A. All personalised cards and personalised gifts are sent overseas via the Royal Mail Airmail service. The Royal Mail’s advice is that you allow 4-5 working days for Western European overseas mail delivery and 5-7 working days for Eastern European/The Rest of the World overseas mail delivery. There should be no restrictions for sending personalised gifts or personalised cards abroad, however each country has their own list of restricted products – but our cards and gifts should be fine. 

Q. Can I send cards and gifts to a British Forces Post Office (BFPO)?
A. Yes, please ensure you select BFPO from the Country drop down menu in the delivery address section. Please ensure you enter the BFPO address details as shown. (NB. If you choose the Country that your recipient is in rather than BFPO from the Country drop down menu your order will not go via BFPO but via the Country’s own internal mailing system, which may result in slower delivery times, possible loss of the order and cost more to post. Personalised cards and personalised gifts postal cost the same as First Class mail if sent via BFPO).  Sorry, flowers cannot be sent to BFPO addresses.

Q. Do you offer free postage for BFPO?
A. No, unfortunately as we are British Company we are not allowed to send these items free. However, you can have your personalised cards and personalised gifts sent back to you and then you can qualify for free postage if you post them over the counter at the Post Office. 

Q. Why hasn’t my card or gift arrived?
A. Login into your account and check the status of your order. If your status shows that the order has been dispatched and it was sent standard First Class mail then please wait another 3 days before calling us. Sadly some mail does get lost and we cannot guarantee delivery. Please call our customer support team on 0845 900 2873 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) to see if we can help further. Our personalised gifts are larger than A5 and therefore they may not fit through your letter box. You should have been left a calling card with instructions by Royal Mail if this is the case. 

Q. Will the recipient know who the card or gift is from?
A. If you send your personalised card or gift direct to the recipient the only way they will find out who the card or gift is from is if you put your name inside it. We will not disclose to anybody your name or address if they call trying to find out. 

Q. How are the flowers prepared?
A. Our flowers are hand prepared by one of around 1800 qualified florist in the UK and then hand delivered to almost any address in the UK. Your flowers are individually prepared to your order, they are not mass produced. On very rare occasions, mainly due to seasonal availability, we may have to substitute some of the flowers with those which are in season. Please be assured that if this does occur, your substitute flowers will be a similar style, value and colour.

Q. How are the flowers delivered?
A. Flowers are hand delivered by a local florist. If the recipient isn’t in then the florist will come back at a later time on the selected day of delivery. However if the recipient still isn’t available they will try and leave with a neighbour. If this isn’t possible then the florists will leave a calling card and the recipient is asked to call the florist to arrange a mutually convenient time for re-delivery.
Flowers going back to the customer will arrive with a blank gift-card, which can be used.
Next day delivery costs £5.95 for all locations.

Flowers are delivered to the mainland UK only. However there are a few Postcodes where delivery isn’t possible and these are:
AB56, AB45, AB42, AB43, DN15, DN16, TD15, TD11, IV12, IV51, EX10, BT71, BT45, ZE2.

Q. How soon can the flowers be delivered?
A. We deliver flowers Monday to Saturday. Orders placed before 2pm can be ordered for next day delivery.
Order Placed...............Earliest Delivery day
Mon before 2pm.........Tuesday
Mon after 2pm............Wednesday
Tues before 2pm.........Wednesday
Tues after 2pm............Thursday
Wed before 2pm.........Thursday
Wed after 2pm............Friday
Thurs before 2pm........Friday
Thurs after 2pm...........Saturday
Fri before 2pm............Saturday
Fri after 2pm...............Monday
Saturday before 2pm...Monday
Saturday after 2pm......Monday
Sunday before 2pm.....Monday
Sunday after 2pm........Tuesday

Q. How should I care for Flowers?
A. Before placing the flowers in a vase/container it is advisable to cut the stem of each flower with a sharp knife and remove about 2-3 cms from the end. Cutting with a knife as opposed to secateurs or scissors will create a larger area ensuring maximum uptake of water. It is also a good idea to remove any leaves, which will be below the water before placing in a vase.

It is very important that the flowers are placed into a clean vase to prevent any bacteria affecting the flowers. Gerberas in particularly last longer when placed in a clean container.
Water -You may be surprised at the amount of water that flowers require to remain healthy. Add luke warm water to a vase/container as opposed to cold water from the tap. Keeping the water topped up every 2-3 days should be sufficient. If you have used flower food do not throw the water away, just add to the existing water. If you receive a gift where the flowers have been arranged in foam (oasis) you can keep the arrangement fresh by adding water to the oasis every 2-3 days but be careful not to add too much or you make create some spillage. Place the arrangement on a place mat to ensure protect the underlying surface.
Flowers will last longer if they are displayed away from direct sunlight and draughty areas. (However if you want the flowers to open up quickly then placing the flowers in a warm room will speed this process up).

Phew... if you need anything or would rather just chat to someone, please give us a ring on 0845 900 2873.


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