Blogger Bubbles

We're in the business of giggles, so it was a great pleasure to announce our first Funny Blog Competition a few weeks ago.  It was even more of a pleasure last night to sit with a glass of something strong and go through all the entries.  It sounds like a cliche, but every single one was fab, from the photos with captions down on the allotment, to poems and scary ducks.  My goodness, you're a lovely bunch of weirdos - right up our street!
We had planned to pick a winner but by midnight, with the big-wig's cab still sitting outside and several of the team starting to spill champers from their noses, we had to go with a shortlist of four.  We'll leave it to the good old fans to pick the final winner.  
Hopefully we'll be able to find the iPad we promised as a prize - it was last seen toddling off to the canteen with the lads from the print room, piled high with mugs and shot glasses (they said it was useful because it lights up in the dark).  
If you fancy voting for the winner, head on over to before the end of the month.  There are voters prizes too in the form of personalised card vouchers.
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