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Choosing the best card or gift

How do I find the right card or gift as quickly as possible?

The quickest and best way to find the personalised card or gift that’s right for you is to use the search drop down lists on the left hand side of the homepage. You can not only search for cards or gifts but also for a specific occasions and for specific people. So if you wanted to buy a funny Birthday card for your Dad - click ‘card’ from the ‘What is it?’ drop down menu, select ‘Birthday’ from the ‘What’s it for’ drop down menu, select ‘Dad’ from the ‘Who’s it for’ drop down and click ‘Funny’ from the ‘Style’ drop down menu. If you have too many products to review, you can refine your search with more detailed search options and ideas such as the theme of the cards. Alternatively, if you don’t get as many cards and gifts from your search as you'd like, you can widen your criteria to give you more options.

You can also type your search criteria into the box at the bottom of the search box. For example ‘Dad funny Birthday card’ and the same cards will be displayed as above. The search will show any personalised gift or personalised card which matches the words you type in. But it will prioritise the words with the first word being searched for first. Therefore it is best to type in the most specific word first such as ‘Dad’ and not ‘Birthday’.      

Why would I save personalised cards or personalised gifts into a shortlist?

While you browse through your selection of gifts and/or cards you can add any product you think would be good for a specific occasion by clicking on ‘Add to my shortlist’. You can also add personalised cards and/or gifts to your shortlist for people or occasions in the future, so if you’re looking for a funny birthday card for your Mum but also find a funny birthday card which would be great for your sister you can add this to a shortlist for a later time. You can have more than one shortlist at anytime and you can name them whatever you want. To save your shortlist for another visit you will have to either log-in or create an account for later.

How do I save a personalised cards or personalised gifts into my shortlist?

When you add a personalised card and/or gift to a shortlist you will be asked to create a folder name for it – such as ‘Mum’s Birthday’. You can add cards and/or gifts for any number of occasions and people. When you think you’ve found all the best products you can then review your shortlist to make your final decision and personalise as you normally would before buying. You can find your shortlisted cards and gifts in your account in the ‘Shortlist’ section or by clicking on ‘Shortlists’ top right in the blue box.    


Can I save a personalised card or gift for later?

Yes, you can save a partial or completed personalised card or gift to return to later in your session or on another day. You'll need to have an account to be able to 'save and finish later' and you can find your saved cards and gifts in your account in the ‘Saved for Later’ section or by clicking on ‘Saved Items’ top right in the blue box.


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