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Personalised for Mum

Mum has a birthday coming up?  We’ve got just the thing!

TheDogsDoodahs is the tippest-toppest place to find a birthday card for Mum!

Mum deserves something a bit special, doesn’t she?  So…..it’s that time of the year again, when you’ve got to buy a Birthday card for Mum! Well, why not spoil her with a personalised Birthday card from TheDogsDoodahs?  We have a broad selection of cards just for Mum - funny, cute, funny, modern and, oh……did we mention funny? Yep, most of our designs for Mum are humorous. Let’s face it, we all love to extract the urine from the Old Girl!

Funny themes include housework, shopping, chocolate and a bit of a weakness for the old ‘falling-down water’! Many of the designs are sender-specific – in other words they have been put together to be sent from either a son or a daughter. Of course, unlike most other personalised cards, the ‘name’ doesn’t need to change – it’s generally just ‘Mum’, although some to allow changes or have been put together for ‘Mummy’, ‘Mumsie-Wumsie’ etc.  However, many can be personalised by the name of the sender, or perhaps another factor such as geographical location or favourite wine! 

It's easy-peasy to do, but if you need a hand give us a ring on 0845 900 2873 or use our live chat facility.  One of our nice people will help you out in a jiffy!

Whatever you choose, we hope you have fun shopping for Mum’s Birthday card at TheDogsDoodahs!

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