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Blog - news and updates

Modern Greeting Cards29/07/2015

Modern cards for our funny old times!

Science of Giggles20/07/2015

How to make your friends laugh

Fathers Day Cards 201505/06/2015

Funny Fathers Day Cards 2015

When is Mother's Day 2015?03/03/2015

When is Mother's Day 2015

Valentine's Day Cards28/01/2015

Find a perfect Valentine's Day Card to personalise on TheDogsDoodahs.com

January Birthday Cards29/12/2014

Don't forget those January Birthdays!

Funny Christmas Cards25/11/2014

How to buy a funny Christmas Card online from TheDogsDoodahs!

Personalised Cards for Brother10/07/2014

Buying a Personalised Card for your Brother can be tricky. Let's help you out!

Anniversary cards from TheDogsDoodahs.com18/06/2014

Anniversary cards mark a really special occasion. Whether buying for your other half or for your favourite couple, browse the anniversay cards from TheDogsDoodahs.com for an extra special card to match.

Brutally Honest Cards14/05/2014

Ever had to bite your tongue and just say "Congratulations!" instead of what you're really thinking? Brutally honest cards from TheDogsDoodahs can help!

Good Luck for your exams!30/04/2014

GCSE, A Levels, university finals - if the young people in your life are stressing about their forthcoming exams, show them you care with one of our Good Luck cards.

Personalised Cards are Eco-friendly19/03/2014

TheDogsDoodahs.com is featured in an article by Business Vibes about eco-friendly greeting card companies.

UK Gay Weddings 201405/03/2014

On 29th March the first same-sex marriages will take place in England and Wales. Any couple wishing to marry on that date will need to have given formal notice of their intention to marry by 13th March.

When is Mother's Day 2014?25/02/2014

Mother's Day in the UK is 30th March 2014. Mark the day by sending your Mum one of the fabulous range of personalised Mother's Day cards from TheDogsDoodahs.com

Personalised Cards for All Ages18/02/2014

TheDogsDoodahs.com has giggle-worthy personalised cards suitable for any age, from 1 to 101 and older!

Personalised Valentine's Cards28/01/2014

Selecting a personalised Valentine's Day Card.

Personalised Christmas Cards 201319/11/2013

TheDogsDoodahs.com presents the 2013 selection of personalised Christmas cards! Check out our latest giggle-worthy designs.

Brightening your day!17/09/2013

Gloomy weather getting you down? We have just the personalised cards and gifts to brighten your day.

Super Special Personalised Anniversary Cards27/08/2013

Personalised anniversary cards from The Dog's Doodahs to make your other half giggle.

Reliable online cards made even easier with Live Chat10/08/2013

Here at TDD Towers, we like to think we're a great source for reliable online cards. And, if you need a hand, we can help you get your design just right with our Live Chat facility!

Easier-Peasier Personalised Cards10/07/2013

Our new website is even Easier-Peasier and we've improved the way you can Personalise Cards.

When is Father's Day 201322/05/2013

Father's Day 2013, this year is on June 16th. We have a fabulous range of personalised cards you can order in advance for sending to Dad.

Give your Dad a giggle on Father's Day21/05/2013

With Father's Day coming up on 16th June 2013, now is just the right time to find the perfect personalised card to give the old geezer a giggle.

Rude Cards Can Be Funny!17/04/2013

Some of our rudest cards are quite a giggle! We own all our own content, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Not Just Personalised Cards!27/03/2013

We think TheDogsDoodahs.com just might be the funniest personalised card company around. So we decided to spread the giggles a bit more, with our chuckleworthy range of personalised gifts too!

OMG! Mother's Day is this Sunday!04/03/2013

With only a few days to go, there is still time to get Mumsie a super personalised Mother's Day card from TheDogsDoodahs.com!

Make Mother's Day!20/02/2013

Mother's Day is fast approaching, so don't forget to make her day special. Pick up a personalised Mother's Day card and make her smile.

Fabulous 30th birthdays04/02/2013

Forget the 18th or 21st - the real coming of age birthday is the 30th. Mark the day with a personalised 30th Birthday card from TheDogsDoodahs.com

Knee Deep In Snog Juice!30/01/2013

There's great excitement here at TDD towers about Valentine's Day and our smashing new TV advert.

Funniest UK Blog08/01/2013

Looking for the funniest blog in the UK. We have a winner - and he talks in his sleep!

Personalised Christmas Cards23/11/2012

Personalised Christmas Cards are ready for you now on TheDogsDoodahs.com!

Decorating, dogs and dilemmas19/11/2012

It has been a busy time at TDD Towers. We've had the decorators in, there's a new resident making his presence felt, and the ever tricky topic of Christmas presents raises its head.

Personalised Cards10/10/2012

How your card gets personalised, from tree to hand!

Off to Uni26/09/2012

Are you seeing your teens off to uni for the first time? The Dog's Doodahs has a range of good luck at uni cards to make them smile as they settle in.

Personalised cards for all occasions11/09/2012

As well as helping celebrate a birthday, anniversary or wedding with a cheeky sense of humour, The Dog's Doodahs has a whole range of other personalised cards suitable for any occasion.

Back to school06/09/2012

The Dog's Doodahs has gone a bit girlie in expanding our range of personalised notebooks. There are lots of fun and cheeky designs to choose from.

Congratulations and good luck wishes10/08/2012

With GCSE and A Level results approaching, TheDogsDoodahs.com has plenty of options for personalised cards to mark your child's achievements.

Setting the day02/08/2012

TheDogsDoodahs.com guide to choosing the best date for your wedding.

Sunny days and wedding days26/07/2012

Spend longer in the sun - order personalised cards online for this summer's weddings and civil partnerships.

A bright note on your desk16/07/2012

Discount code for personalised notebooks from The Dog's Doodahs.

Campaign for Smiles!02/07/2012

TheDogsDoodahs launches a campaign for smiles, sending personalised Thank You cards for random acts of kindness

Funny Fools!04/04/2012

We have been enjoying the wonderful spoofs around on April Fool's Day.

Mother's Day Cards07/03/2012

Mother's Day come's only once a year! Pick that Mother's Day Card for Mum.

Preparing for Leaping Ladies22/02/2012

With Leap Day coming up, we have a few helpful hints for ladies planning on proposing to their special someone.

Valentine's Cards!!!08/02/2012

The Dog's Doodahs is turning all romantic for Valentine's Day.

We Have a Winner!01/02/2012

Announcing the winner of The Dog's Doodah's competition to find the UK's Funniest Blog 2012.

Blogger Bubbles25/01/2012

The Dog's Doodahs announce the shortlist for our first Funny Blog competition.

Bumpy Valentines18/01/2012

Preparing for Valentine's Day and tales of romance gone wrong.

Poor January Birthday Babies!06/01/2012

Cheering up people whose January birthdays are overshadowed by Christmas festivities.


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