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Modern Greeting Cards

We now live in a world of wonder! According to the boffins who measure these things, we now spend more time online on mobile phones than we do on the dusty old computer we have at home. We know that more and more people choose to create their perfect greeting card using a mobile or tablet and our website has evolved to help them. It's wonderful to have so much choice but it can be a little difficult to get to grips with all the new technology that we find ourself using. So here are some top tips from the clever people at TheDogsDoodahs.com to help you create perfect personalised cards on all your devices.
Which device can you use to create a greeting card?
You can visit our website (and most others!) using any smartphone that has a decent browser (the thing you use to surf the web), plus of course any recent tablet or laptop. Just like on the old PC, you'll browse the pages and see greeting cards you can personalise. Sometimes, the website will change to a smaller, easier to navigate version if you're using a small device (such as an iPhone). It makes it easier to click on things and of course upload your photos and text choices. When you're using a "mobile enabled" website, you'll sometimes see the "www" change to an "m" in the web address. It doesn't matter which you use, the greeting cards are the same quality and are printed and prepared in the same way.
How do you take a good photo for a greeting card?
Photo upload cards are really popular. They are a fantastic way to remember a perfect moment, celebrate a friend or just ensure your birthday card is totally unique. On our website you can upload photos from social media of course (when you click "upload" you get the option of selecting from photos on your device, from Facebook or from your webcam). Remember that photos you take with a proper digital camera are usually the highest quality in terms of colour and definition. However, even though Facebook photos are compressed by the bods at their end, they are still often pretty good! If you are taking a photo with your mobile phone, use daylight whenever you can. Most phone cameras are terrible in poor light, even with the flash on. The quality you get from your webcam will depend on the device you're using. The camera facing you (the selfie one) if you get two choices is often very poor resolution. For more photo tips check out this article!
What do you do if you're stuck?
We have a lovely team at TheDogsDoodahs.com to help you with any problems you have making the perfect greeting card. Just give us a ring on 0845 900 2873 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or pop on the website where you can chat to us (press "live chat") from the homepage during office hours. If we're not in right now, email ThoseNicePeople@TheDogsDoodahs.com and we'll get back to you. Don't worry, we know all about mobile phones, tablets and widgets. We'll get it sorted for you! 
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