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Valentine's Cards!!!

There are people in this office with a slightly crazed twinkle in their eye!  I've never seen so many Valentine's Day cards! Browse our full selection here.
The UK is as romantic as ever (who would have thought!) and Valentine's is clearly hotting up.  We've got sexy cards, funny cards, and plenty of lovey-dovey cards all popping out of the machines.  The designers have hearts blurred into their vision, and the postman's arriving every day with a convoy of helpers.  
What a lovely tradition this is, not that we need a reason to get all fruity and declare our adoration! Remember, our cards come in standard or large sizes and if you order before 2pm Monday-Friday, we pop them in the post the same day. You can pick the day they go out if you'd like them to go later and of course we can send them back to you for signing at home. You won't find our funny cards on any other website, so have fun selecting your Valentine's Card on TheDogsDoodahs!
Of course, we have our fabulous tele advert on in some parts of the country and it's going down a storm.  If you've not seen it yet, pop on over to loopy-tube and have a look. Or press play on the video below! If you need help selecting or personalising your card, give our friendly people a ring on 0845 900 2873.
Bless all you loved-up, squishy-hearted, wonderful people!
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