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Valentine's Day Cards

It's that beautiful time of year again, Valentine's Day is coming. Valentine's Day Cards are an art that's rarely understood. You can pick the perfect card and set her/his heart on fire or run wild with a funny card that sets the tone for a year of giggles. Or do both, there's nothing better than a giggle with a snog. As with every perfect card, only you and the recipient can know the perfect choice. This year, we've got traditional Valentine's Day Cards alongside our usual funny cards and most can be personalised with a name or even a photo. 
If you're into history, pop along to Wikipedia to see how our modern Valentine's Day originated.  There are lots of different opinions about how it all started but we're pretty sure the act of giving a card (and a gift, typically flowers or chocolate) started right here in the UK. We especially love that people don't restrict Valentine's Day Cards to their beau- more and more now, we see friends and family sending a little note of love through the post.
Your Valentine's Day Card can be personalised online at TheDogsDoodahs.com and posted on the date you select or even sent back to you for signing, handing on or hiding in a special place! If you have a romantic story to tell us, pop on over to our social media pages too, we love a bit of the soppy stuff.  
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