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Personalised Cards

We love reading every piece of feedback we receive about our personalised cards. We don't even mind the ones which have a poke at us, after all, we're in the industry of giggles and if you're not happy, we're not happy. Every now and then though, we get a piece of feedback that tickles our fancy and we show it to Delores, the host of our Facebook Page to have a think about. This time we showed her this one "Love the personalised cards, no idea how it all works, but it just does" which we received in October this year. We asked Delores to explain the process from tree to post!
"Well it's all very easy of course but that's only because I have no idea how all the magic happens. All I know is that there's a lot of it. If you were to walk around TheDogsDoodahs.com HQ you'd see a whole team of people (I call them the Cheshire Cats because they always seem to be grinning) who come up with the original jokes and quotes and turn them into templates for your card. All the designs on TheDogsDoodahs.com are unique and they don't sell them to other personalised card sites, so they're all very special. The BigWigs (the chap who pays the wages and his helpers) actually check every single design and there's a complicated process by which some are selected and some rejected. I've heard that involves a fair amount of booze and some tears, but the best ones do make it through.
Then there's the technology. We've built our own systems from scratch and with the help of a very busy team down the road who create bespoke technology for us, the website that you see comes to life. There are even more people who constantly monitor it, remarking on the first orders in every village and town in the UK (and some from very far and wide indeed!), planting little digital flags all over the planet. Some of those people have a lot of phones. Seriously, their desks seem to be full of gadgets. Everything has to be incredibly fast and when things fall apart we have to have remarkably complicated back up systems to make sure your card gets out the door without a hitch. It's not easy being one of the tech-monkeys, which is why we save the best of the Chrimbo wine for them. Mind you, it must be better building TheDogsDoodahs.com Personalised Card site than working on websites for clients who don't allow the level of f'ing and blinding that we do ;)
Downstairs at HQ, everything is printed, checked again and packaged up for delivery. Once again, everyone on the team can help out if they want to, the products are treated with reverence by everyone who works here. Lots of white gloves and magnifying glasses on desks. There's another room they go through before heading out to the post but I have no idea what happens in there. I'm not allowed in. Not since the Christmas party and the less said about that the better.
For me, life at TheDogsDoodahs Personalised Cards is pretty much idyllic. I waffle to people all day and night on Facebook, Twitter and through email along with ThoseNicePeople (a dedicated and extremely lovely bunch) who answer any questions you might have. As long as I'm not constantly annoying people for ideas for competitions, I'm allowed to do anything I want so long as it keeps you all giggling. My desk is full of personalised mugs and I even have my own apron with my name on it should I wish to get into the mood (for what I'm not sure!).
So that's a day in the life of TheDogsDoodahs.com. Of course there are remarkable things that happen to keep the whole enterprise going but I don't pay attention to those. It's a wonderful place to be and every day, almost every person here will review some of the hundreds of feedback forms people fill in when they've placed their order. It honestly makes us smile every time."
Delores is host of TheDogsDoodahs.com Facebook page.
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